There are many benefits to practicing yoga with multiple variations in technique that can be altered for your unique needs. At Clark Family Chiropractic, our goal is to provide services to meet our patient’s needs beyond spinal manipulation. One service we are proud to offer is prenatal yoga.

Prenatal or pregnancy yoga focuses on forms of exercise, mediation, and breathing techniques that are specifically designed for a woman’s body during pregnancy.

By using yoga to create balance within the uterus and any ligaments attached to the uterus and pelvis, we can reduce the likelihood of any misalignment or tension that can cause discomfort during pregnancy. Our course also explores poses and breathing practices that work to help prepare the body and mind for the birthing experience

Using a number of props, (chairs, blankets, walls, blocks, bolsters, and straps!) we are able to bring this practice safely to most pregnant women. (We encourage ALL moms to check with their doctor about a yoga practice before starting.)

Using poses designed to keep the belly from compressing and to create lengthening within the spine, soon-to-be-moms will be able to create a sense of safety and new calm within their body and mind. By teaching expecting moms to become friendly with their own body, their awareness about their pregnancy will grow, and they will feel supported by both the poses they have learned and the knowledge of their own body’s experience.