At Clark’s Family Chiropractic, we offer a variety of therapies to assist you with any pain you may be experiencing.

Depending on your condition we may recommend cold or heat therapy, or sometimes a combination of the two, otherwise known as contrast therapy. Contrast therapy combines the benefits of ice and heat therapies in short durations to control inflammation and blood circulation in the damaged area.

Cold therapy helps to alleviate pain and swelling by slowing down circulation to the area, while heat therapy relaxes tense muscles and aids in healing damaged tissue by increasing blood flow in the area.

When used in combination, we can alleviate pain, swelling, and inflammation while also relaxing the muscles and soft tissue in the area. During treatment, we alternate from hot and cold therapies in 10-minute increments as needed throughout your session. Through contrast therapy, we are able to stimulate your body’s natural energy to heal itself. Contrast therapy is ideal for patients recovering from acute injuries, joint aches, or those who may struggle with chronic pain.

For more information on contrast therapy or our services, contact our office at (219) 879-5437.