Meet Julie Cox, Certified and Licensed Reflexologist.  Julie comes to Clark's Family Chiropractic to offer patients another option to their health care needs.  Julies compassion for helping people shines thru each session.  Relax, sit back and let her ease away your muscle tension, reduce stress, improve your mood and work out any negative energy that is settling in your nervous system through soft, defined strokes on your feet.  Reflexology is simply working on specific zones that correspond to fingers, toes and all the way up to the top of the head.  Pathways between pressure points and other parts of the body are thought to be connected via the nervous system.  The zones are similar to, but not the same as meridians found in Chinese Medicine.  However, there are some correlations between meridians and location of organs on the feet and ankles.  

1 hour sessions only $55.00

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